The Publish What You Pay-Nigeria (PWYP) supported by CORDAID, Netherlands to implement a project, “Ensuring Environmental, Social and Human Rights Impacts Assessment (ESHRIAs) in the Niger Delta” trains policy influencers on strategic communication.

The training targeted Civil Society organizations, the media, MDAs as well as members of PWYP across the federation. The core objectives of the training was to identify key policy actors, institutions, individuals and organizations who are change agents  that will work with other agents and individuals to achieve the desired outcome in the above project. And, train them on strategic communication and approaches aimed at influencing policy on ESHRIA.

As part of the efforts to achieve effective and sustainable impact, PWYP-Nigeria, had a partnership with collaborated with Human Right Commission, National Environmental Standard and Regulatory Agency, National Oil Spillage Detection and Response Agency, Ecological Fund Office.

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